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    Dating a 74 year old cougar need advice

    I've met this lady recently and from the moment i seen her i was hooked. I had no idea she was 74 till i asked her she looks so dam good like in her 40's wit a 24 yr old grand daughter. I have no idea how to approach much older women i really lucked up one night we were alone at work just...
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    The return of Allen Iverson to the Sixers!

    Sefaniki (sp?) make it happen, come on. We need some excitement here in Philly bball again.
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    2009 NFL thread

    Now that the Eagles trampled over the Deadskins and The New York Midgets, one more ostacle they must over come this week... bring on them Cowgirlz.
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    2009 NFL thread

    When ESPN's Jon Gruden said Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson was recording "more explosive plays than anybody in NFL history," he was barely exaggerating. After recording two more long touchdowns Monday night, Jackson was award the NFC Player of the Week award Tuesday. Jackson has four...
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    2009 MLB thread

    Wooot! Good game tonight! LA DODGERS HERE WE COME AGAIN!
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    2009 NFL thread

    Damn Patriots.. why couldn't you finish off the Broncos..
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    Which foe do you enjoy beating down the most

    ^I like to beat down Mr. Little Wang Robinson.
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    This or that thread

    Spring. Blonde or Brunette?
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    Your Top Three Favorite Beer/Liquor Brand?

    Hangover is a good idea.