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    Soul Calibur V Handbook android app

    It still works the same as before. Only the data was updated to reflect changes in 8WR's wiki.
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    Tournament Coverage: East Brandenburg Open (EBO)

    Where's Synraii?? He said he would come.
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    App updated

    App updated
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    I'm that Natsu player xD

    I'm that Natsu player xD
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    Good Laptop Brands?

    Here are qualities that are usually NOT listed in a laptop's spec sheet: -Build quality -Display quality (contrast ratio, color accuracy, color gamut, viewing angle) -Speaker quality -Keyboard and touchpad ergonomics/quality -Customer support -Model specific advantages Examples of model...
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    Favorite fighting style and why?

    Natsu. Solely because I like the character.
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    Are you a C programmer?

    Are you a C programmer?
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    Add me

    Add me
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    Favourite Costume

    Natsu 1P Natsu 2P Natsu 3P oh wait
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    Natsu: 1.04

    From what I see Belial seems not to like Natsu. That's why I think Namco should not SOLELY rely on community feedback when it comes to patching. Top players are just that, top players. They're not top game developers or designers.
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    Natsu Questions And Answers / General Discussion

    Do you guys think Natsu's CE's behavior against opponent near the wall/ring edge a bug? From what I know, only Aeon has this kind of "restriction", and his is considered a bug (though his is much worse). Edit: Maybe we should have a compiled list of Natsu's possible bugs and glitches in its...
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    I like his SCIV and SCV theme

    I like his SCIV and SCV theme
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    Your favourite weapons. YOURS. Not his, or hers, or theirs, YOURS.

    Ivy: Alraune, Kaleidoscope Nightmare: Soul Edge (Final Form) Siegfried: Soul Calibur (Final Form), Broken Destiny Viola: Ignis Fatuus, Fish Bowl E.I.N. Lightsaber Various other versions of Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.
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    SC5 online matches

    Read this if you haven't: