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  • Also could you pass me the formula of Sophitia, SE, 2nd Costume Recreation?
    Hello mr Eyce_Meon,
    I ´ve found your topic about character creation and some of them look very interesting.
    I´m from Brazil and I have a website together with brazillian community:
    May I use some of your customs? Of course, I will put your name/nick on credits and the link.
    lol sorry, I haven't played online in half a year, you likely fought someone else who copied Skeletor off of my page or Ugo's Top 50 page. It's all good though.

    I saw your CaS topic earlier, was gonna compliment you on that green character. She's got a unique set of parts, keep up the imagination. It's always good to have fresh ideas.
    Hay i remember you i versed you in SC4, my gamertag was leadCHESSI EST you wee using the skeletor and i was using her
    Remember you kicked my but. LOL
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