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  • Hey Franman!
    I've read some of your posts on Gercalibur. I'd like to test my skills against your Cervy. If you want to play, just holla!

    Greetz from Germoney :)
    Yeah, I live in Cambridge. The problem is I don't have access to a car and I'm only 16. My parents probably wouldn't let me hang out with people who I don't know who may be 10 years older than me :/
    It would be fun to do something like that but I most likely wouldn't be able to. I'm shy anyways lol
    dude awesome matches man, very good cervy, u shown me why bK is so good
    good games man. you pissed that dude off so bad that he kicked all of us out. lol.

    as for the throws, just remember there is a 'technique' that you can use to break them.

    all you have to do is press a or b repeatedly while simultaneously holding guarding.

    if you play on a pad, you can map a or b to a shoulder button while you press guard with your thumb or other finger.

    you can also do the same method on a stick without shoulder buttons.

    practice that for at least 15 minutes a day in practice mode since it is a skill that will catapult your game.
    Ha, yeah i noticed most of the moves were high, I just wished Algol had a bit more moves with TCs in them.
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