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    Maxi General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    Does anyone know how to do the stance to throw stuff? also what does tPSL mean? I'm pretty sure I'm doing it (instant LO from B i think is an example?) just have no idea what it means glad to see long-haired 2p maxi back lol
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    Maxi Players Online ID's

    PSN: mingriah Loc:OK Mains: Maxi because Lee Kicks, Dampierre just....because
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    SC5 Maxi vs. Other SC Maxi's

    I would just like to hear your opinions on SC5 Maxi compared to Maxi in past games. Discuss
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    Online Tournaments

    Considering this
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    Devil Jin Combo Discussion

    Are you talking about the 3A BE combos? if so, that brave edge is still in there, but it's unlisted in the movelist and i have no idea how to do it. Ive gotten it out occasionally by mashing 66 and A+B+K after 3A