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  • If thats not good for you then I'll just tell Oof to give you the win seeing as how I wasnt available but only for a short time tonight.
    My work schudle is kinda mess up. I should be on some time tonight tho. Late night is usually when Im on most. 10pm or later (central)
    Aye, I have a router box unfortunately ... I believe that it's the reason to all my weird connection stuff.......... >.>
    But then again, I've had my fair share of lag matches so I'm used to that..
    Were you upset or something?
    You closed the game immediately :o
    That Algol Ring Out was pure luck
    Whenever you're ready, I'm ready. Let me know a time, and message me NOW so I can reply later, because I'm still not even sure of your psn ID(0's or O's? etc...)
    I'm your opponent for the tournament, If we can, let's do this sooner rather then later. I'm alittle confused about the rules however, I'm a Raphael/Voldo, Is this single elimination where I pick Raphael, I lose a full round, I'm out? Not first to 3/5/7/10's? That's what I'm used too. Who do you main btw?

    Nevermind, I watched your video's....I'm ****ed.....-_-......

    I'm going Raphael since your voldo is better then mine.

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