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  • Hey Gatsu, just wanted to ask if you could help me a bit on this design for my character.
    The basics are okay for now, but I suck at distinct details. I could have included you in a conversation...BUT, I can't for obvious reasons.
    Hey there, I was wondering if you could send me the formulas for those feather of strength on your Sieg 4p. I asked about it earlier in your thread, though I'm assuming you never got to it.
    I really love your Ashlotte. I tried making my own but she didn't come out as good as yours. Is there anyway you could share the formula with me? It would be much appreciated.

    Thank in advance
    Question concerning CaS: Can people customize the Dampierre style to a creation or can prople only customize his looks?
    Ciao mitico! I tuoi CaS sono stupendi!
    Ho provato a iniziare una conversazione con te per chiederti un consiglio riguardo alla creazione di un Original, ma non mi consente di iniziare la conversazione. Posso chiederti di iniziarne una da parte tua? ^ ^
    "Basically the whole design process is
    fantasy anime herp sephiroth vampire derp"
    I love you.
    Just wanted to say that I thought your character designs in your thread were awesome. I'm an aspiring character designer myself so I'm always thrilled to meet others who are into designing characters. :)
    Hey which two of your originals do you like the most? Just need help for the last route. Sorry, if the other routes are cheesy. They were simply to show how the characters act.
    Hey ciao! Ho visto che sul sito di gamestop hanno aggiunto Dampierre e quel palloncino di Ivy al preordine, ma ancora non c'è traccia della CE. Per il momento tengo il mio preordine di anche se non so se avrà i bonus, ma il prezzo è davvero buono. Tu?
    Hey, ciao! Ho appena controllato il sito gamestop che ha aggiunto la versione "regular" al loro sito, mentre, se ti interessa, anche sia quella che l'edizione da collezionisti!
    Hey. Thanks for showing us the news about the main menu, modes, and character. I'm glad that they gave us more modes but did they at least tell you guys if they were putting more modes in?
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