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  • Hey, ciao.
    Complimenti per i tuoi cas, molto beddi...bei concept ed in particolare Kirabo.
    Spero non ti dispiaccia, me lo sono ri-creato modificandolo per renderlo, a mio modo, più simile all'artwork che avevi postato tempo fa (più magro e con gambali e polsiere pelosi alla Rock).
    Aspetto di vedere i prossimi! Ciao!
    Hey just wanted to let you know that the picture and text on Raphaels thread was funny. That was awsome. Just wanted to let you know...... LOL That picture made my day..... Thanks for the laugh bro.....
    hey, let's start a convo, ok? if you got time. Let's talk art technique. What do you color with? looks like water color or gouache.
    AAAAWWEEESSOMMMME! great work man. I like your diverse attention to cultures. Representin' dah Scottish even!! Yeah!
    Ok so, I can't start conversations w/ you for some reasons, so I'll just post it here..

    img ;

    Hope it isn't too much work for you... if it is though, then it's ok ;D

    Just do her coloring as it is officially plz =D!
    Hey man I've seen your works and I think they are awesome! My favorite is Lucio :)

    Anyway, can I ask you something about your works?
    How do you colour them? Do you use Photoshop? And if you're using it, I can see you are very good at coloring and shading in PS. Can you tell me the formula you have using? If you don't I can understand :D
    we ma tu giochi ancora online? sei italiano vero? se si a entrambe su che sistema >_> che ci si becca per qualche match?
    Yo, that post was FUNNY. I was gonna put a smartass comment about her not being "jailbait" anymore but I needed that. hahaha
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