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  • Geez its been a while man. How you been?
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    ...trying to get to know pyrrha/omega pyrrha... so far I'm leaning more towards omega since it suits my style... ^_^
    Thats cool man - I'm playing alpha these days.
    ^_^ ...quite a beefed Setsuka imho... tho the JFs are still strict as hell, thus I'm not able to pick him up... =_=

    N.Pyrrha feels more versatile... but raw punishment damage from Pyrrha.O is too good to pass up... and PO has more of Sophie's key moves... ^_^
    ...hmm.. at the moment, nothing takes DaGOTTh off of the top spot in my 'worlds best sophies' list.

    But Dina takes a special place in my heart for the valiant effort in standing up to that 'brick wall' Ivy that is SCUD!! >_< haha!

    Thanks for posting that link man.. ^_~
    hehe! its 11th July, tourney starts at 1pm-ish.. all details are here. we should sort out more offline gatherings.. twiggy tries valiantly by hosting in his own house!! >_< lol! I would come to it if it wasn't soo far from where I live + my family & work tying me down here up north.. =_=
    Its the man himself. Sorry bout not being involved on Neo yet mate, iv had my lady here for a while, you know how it is. Now for a few questions: When you on next? Whens your offline jam happening? Hows the Plan to attend SvB coming along?
    ...then my finger slips during TAS.. presses A instead.. CH pwnage.. ^_~

    ..or hell.. just empty TAS wld b enuf to scare anyone after multiple STAB wounds.. ^_~ hihihi!
    Tut tut, you expected any less of me? I'm trying to get into evo at the min, so I had to get involved again. You'll find I'll be patronising your posts till hell freezes over :P ... In fact, I've already started on ur sophie thread post ;)
    LOL! Probably have/will... not plugged in enough hours in this version of Soulcalibur... I was still single when I was playing SC2 & SC3... ahh those were the days. -_-
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