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  • hey, would like to play gainst you in person, if not Arnidrake and Tseuee are my XBL names and Tseuee is my PSN name
    Ghostman I am in DC right now, if you want some matches, give me a message to my page, its the only way I'll know. Its a long story. I'm in the Stadium Armory area of the Metro Transit.
    wow thugish just called you a random ghetto person...are you gonna let the white man just poop on you like that?
    Lol funny video. But I don't really care what you think because your just some random ghetto person trying to rap. Nice try though. I'm glad you thought of me enough to do a video :).
    How could it bn a long time ago n i only known u for maybe 3months or so...U havent bn around long enuff for me 2 even bomb u , wen i 1st picked up da game...
    [COLOR="DeepSkyBlue"]I'll fight you. But, you're gonna have to catch me online.
    [/COLOR][COLOR="MediumTurquoise"]If you want to challenge Pocky Yoshi and his friends.[/COLOR]
    [COLOR="Cyan"]Then again, I may not always be around much.[/COLOR]
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