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  • I know, Captain. The Kittens are so veryyyy nice!!!

    Well, Agilefalcon, I loved that nights with that lizardwoman... at least I was the first who encounter her. ;)
    Hey, I was gonna send a message via SCU, but while I was typing I was forcibly signed out for some reason and have been unable to sign back in since. :(

    Anyway, I created Lizardwoman because I ran out of ideas for more characters, but I still wanted more females to be in the game. :P

    Needless to say, Lizardwoman was definitely the least desirable female character on the list. XD
    Thanks, Cous, and I have heard about it, Captain.
    I've created two cards... one for Crum and the other as respect... check 'Migration'
    This forum is much stricter then our beloved S.C.U. Which at times can be a shame.

    Our old friend CRUM is supposedly making a new Soul calibur related forum.
    I asked for a hellfire thread for all us pirates.
    yes im the real couslalibourstr IV but im not active here, i only shared a few of my vids. SCU was my home community i have no intentions of settling anywhere else, especially not here.
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