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    The Inevitability of Trolling

    I'm actually doing just that, man. I recently got online for the first time and played some matches with that Bunny guy (Dylan). I plan on getting back into the swing of things. We need to play some matches.
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    The Inevitability of Trolling

    Wow. I've been gone for too long. I see you, Alex J. You started from the bottom (a regular troll), now you're here (a supreme, front page poster troll). This calls for a haiku: TROLLS! They fuckin' suck. They make us so mad sometimes... But they can help us. SMG
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    Yeah, I've been readin' and countin'. Though the only person that Actually answered your question was Partisan...Oh well, in the end I was still too late. EDIT: After continually readin' through this thread (and while laughin' at all of this Post SCV Character Speculation thread conspiracy...
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    If no one has actually tried to answer your original question yet (what's the difference between the S&S characters), I'll try to give you an answer (I just started readin' this thread, so I don't know if you received your answer yet). Pretty much all the S&S characters can be played very...
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    NorCalibur S1 Ranbat #4: R1 Thaguy (Natsu, Asta) vs S.M.G. (Aeon)

    Wanted to upload my most recent tourney showin'. I thought it was a cool set. Though nerves got the best of me in the end (that, throws and Assta)...Oh well, still a cool set. Check out the rest of the Ranbat playlist here:
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    SoulCaliburV: JG lols

    Wow, Nyce JG.
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    Hmmm...I never tried 1B BE -> 4B+K~G...Then again, I rarely use 4B+K~G at all. Looks like I need to spend more time in the lab...
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    WE WANT YOU! 8WAYRUN is looking for writers

    ...I can write haikus... would this give me some pull on.... Da Asian Bitches?
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    I don't care if steppin' in this game is generally unsafe. I step in the name of LUV with Aeon! :sc5aon1:"AAaalll!!! Rwaor!!! *Grunt* (Translation: Aeon says "keep on steppin'!") I try to play him mainly as a spacin'/zonin', whiff punishin', defensive character. I believe he has all the tools...
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    Soulcalibur V Patch Announced for March 21

    Hmmmm.....The only thing I that I wish will come out of this patch besides fixes to the possible game-breakin' glitches that QS4G and fuzzy guardin' G8 possess is a buff to :sc5aon1: (and some other "lower tiered" characters like:sc5zwe1:and:sc4hil1: ). He's my favorite character, but he has a...
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    NorCalibur Tournament Feb 25th (Pools): Soakrates (Maxi) vs SMG (Aeon)

    NorCalibur Tournament @ Gamecenter Feb 25th, 2012 Pools matches Yo! My first match in a tournament!!! All in all, I think I didn't do half bad...I can't wait for the next one! Check out nyawu's channel for the rest of the tournament. It featured heavy hitters from NorCal such as KrayzieCD...
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    Hate Speech: The Review

    Wow! This game's already gettin' dinged for its "lack of a good single player experience", even though FGs have always and forever will be catered for the best social experience possible. IGN scored this game EVEN LOWER THAN SCIV [I know, post MK9 single player era, but still]!!!! I still can't...
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    SCV Little Astaroth Combo Demonstration

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    Just Guard Tutorial By Aris

    I don't think so, because if I recall correctly, Utoh said that extra bindin's of G wouldn't help JG execution on the NEC stream. I think Daishi said this in his first explanation tweet of JGin' as well.
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    Just Guard Tutorial By Aris

    FINALLY a JG tutorial! Good shit Aris. I always thought that JGin' will be vital to learn in this game. It's gonna be one of the first things I dedicate lab time to, once I get my hands on the game.