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  • Damn mamita I didn't know u was doin it like tht? Nice very nice! I'm trully impressed! I like!!! Just my
    P.s. I added u 2 friends list! Yeahhh babe!! Lol
    I had something setup nice for you but these emails keep messing up it's too bad i wanted you too see it XD. but anyway have fun and be safe. PS. i love that avatar you too good to me. lol
    Yeah i sent it too your email it seems like a transfer malfunction.XD That's one sexy ass pic i can look at this all day if i could lol. So it's your friend birthday huh cool i bet it will be lots of kush&drinks lol so it's at a club? Sorry bout the message screw up whenever i don't reply back it means an error has occurred. My day was good i went too a barbecue mingled wit the peeps and watched some tennis. lol i enjoy that sport a lot very exciting. How was your day anything crazy happen? You still recording your matches? i bet they extreme i'll love too see them. Tell me bout this party when you get back and i want too see some pics of you at the party.XD you the best greek talk too ya later.
    May be later mami. I'm working now n whn I get home I really don't b beat for sc4 tht much. But if I ply I'll send u an invite...
    sorry about not being able to play you... good luck in the tourny... hope to play you sometime
    Hello greek! I need to practice with you again... and not lose so much haha that was so irritating. I will create my greek slayer and see you again :P
    ahhh ok. Yea X is really fun to use, as is Sophie. I'm kinda glad I decided to learn her. Let me know if you have any questions regarding Sophie or X and I'll be glad to answer them.
    yea, hows it going, i heard i only played that scrub sophie when i was in ur room, i wouldn't mind getting a chance to play u
    Sure i'll love too take you to a restaurant anything for you... I bet a lot has happened in the sc scene your sophie is a beast right now... any new characters you learning ?.... yeah i definitely have too hook aim up get that up in running... might catch a movie friday the halloween joint comes out.
    we been going out a lot different restaurant every night... lol i went too the casino on sunday it was cool they been introducing me too everyone out here it's a lot of nice attractions out here. Yeah i miss you though you the best. wat's been going on ? lol
    vacation pretty good greekmami it's fun being able too hook up wit the family after a long time. Was good wit you ? i need too hook aim up so we can talk more i know you still beasting.
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