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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    I have done horrible things. First, I have betrayed Hilde by making a Yosh costume, secondly, in attempting to make a Romance theme designed for this month's design challenge I gave Hilde a mustache. I am a horrible person. Horrible, horrible, horrible person.... That being said.... THE BROOM...
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    OC characters - with three color palettes each / SC6 cast edits ( true definitive version )

    Wowza! Love that Gester, also I love that Xavier a lot! Even though you scrapped it! Haha!
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    Our February Design Challenge is now up! Check out the details in the tweet if you want to participate. : )
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    Hi all. Just wanted to share the results of our January Design Challenge. 😊 Check it out:
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    A few more updates. I recently created two new costumes, one I am quite proud of, the other is a joke! For the first I had a dark vision of a suffering Hilde, inflicted with a wound stemming from treachoury in Wolfkrone running away seeking allies. I name it Betrayed Fugitive Hilde. Second...
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    The (G)litterbox - a crazy cat (and CaS) lady's gallery.

    The top one is wayyyyyyyyy nicer! Good update!
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    Revisited my Noble Zhanshi Hilde and made some minor improvements for my Ansel shots! I really think this is a good design, but I am so bias against that Taki mask, I always want to remove it. My natural inclination is to never cover the face!
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    Hey all just wanted to do another update regarding the site and give a little refresher regarding how it is set-up for people that are still considering creating a portfolio. We have recently done a new round of updates to the site to make the portfolio more aesthetically appealing, and have as...
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    Another two creations revisited so I could port them over to my PC for Ansel shots. I returned to one of my proudest creations, Festive Carnival Hilde, and upon review, I decided that it was an ABOMINATION! Haha. So I made some minor modifications to the chest design. For my Highlander Warrior...
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    I went back and redesigned one of my Hilde's. I am quite happy with the outcome overall, as my original was one of my least liked costumes. It was weak in its blending and colour breadth, and the neck cover I attempted to build just didn't look very nice. Much happier with the redesign.
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    I have designed a costume inspired by this month's design challenge. Check out my History Teacher Hilde!
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    Just sharing that January's Design Challenge just went up! Details in the tweet.
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    I just published a new blog post on the website. Here is a tweet about it if you are interested: I wanted to quickly remind everyone, that the websites blog is community driven and we are always looking for contributions. Anyone who has set-up a portfolio on the website can also submit blog...
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    HappyColour Soulcalibur Custom Costume Reskins

    Another Hilde creation! This one is a monstrosity though. Haha! Check it out and let me know what you think.
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    Another quick update regarding a new feature! : ) We just added something called a Monthly Creation Highlight. Basically what this is, is a special section on the website that exists for one month and includes a small video showcase of a creation coupled with some words from the creator. To be...