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  • Pretty much, there are some combos that can be difficult to execute no matter what, but for the rest, it takes more skill to defend against attacks. That's how I see things.
    Hilde, Algol, Mitsurugi and A+B spam Cervantes take much less skill to play than it does for the opponent.
    Using BBB takes less skill than it does to GI or sidestep the third hit successfully.
    my internet is kinda fucked up right now. It drops the connection randomly, when do we have to play by? tomorrow at 7pm?
    If yours gets block then i dunno how im pulling mine off ^_^ but GS A is CH.
    GS KK can be tech or blocked.
    awesome. i'm going to hop on in a few, warm up for a bit, and we can start around 345-350ish if that is ok with you. if you could make the room that would be great because i tend to mess up the rounds/times/etc, haha
    looks like we get to fight tomorrow! what times are you available? i'm in florida so i'm working with eastern time. what about you?
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