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  • Homie are you free tues afternoon? i have to work at 430pm EST till bout 9pm EST.

    im free either before or after, whats good for you?....

    hit me up on 8WR, not PSN.
    Early Congrats Homie I remeber when we first met and I was like "Grange I like him he got alot of mouth. let me fight em." I fought grange and then I fought you. You have grown a whole lot since then and I'm proud of ya dog HOMIE REALLY DON"T PLAY DAT SHIT NO MORE!!!!
    yeah its 2 "_" but i will try to be on later tonight. just send me a friend request and i will respond.
    sup bro, wanna hv our match 2morro or wed? i wont b on thursday so whats good 4 u?
    Looks like its me and you first round. Ill send you an add. Whens good for you?
    My PS3 has overheated, so i'll be off for 2-3 weeks most likely if not longer. But if you wanna holla at me i'll be in javachat or you can leave me a msg...G its another set back on my Rugi. just as i was getting the cobbwebbs off lol. GL on yo regionals.
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