I'm hooked on Soul Calibur like a drug. I like to upload videos on youtube sharing my knowledge. Please go watch them and subscribe to my channel at www.youtube.com/owgvideos.
United States
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Paragon049 said:
Top tiers have no concept of risk/reward. It's all reward

Frahyua said:
I respect your opinion on Leixia, but it's a fact that Leixia's VERY VIABLE.

FinalLifeG said:
if you want to say hintful BS assumptions, then I will look for you and you will be my next upload.

Interesting. So it does not matter what evidence I provide, it does not matter what point I make and how irrefutable it is or isn't? All that matters is whether or not I beat some other people on the East Coast of America?

. . . So all that matters is your offline tournament record, and absolutely none of what you're saying makes a difference?

. . . In that case, why have message boards at all..? Why not just replace them with this section entirely, and restrict status updates to the top 10, allowing only them to preach just how and what this game should and could be?
Because if you're not even going to consider what anybody else has to say, regardless of evidence and not even considering the validity of their opinion then why bother allowing anybody to even have an opinion?

I have to say, this site can be kind of a joke when someone like Garjian can come in and make intelligent, non-flaming counter arguments but since he doesn't go to tournaments or get a high rate of "likes" het gets blown off and trolled.

Hot Rod Dave said:
Cant take your lumps like a man in person IAB? Gotta pretend to be someone else? Your nothing but a bitch.

Theres no off topic about it. We will do this on the PSN side next week. Ill record some matches and we will throw it up.

Yes, yes I would beat you. Call it bold, call it what you want. I aint scurrrrrd homes.

I AM confident enough to make those statements. I DID challenge you to a fight because of that confidence. I wasnt making small talk. I wasnt trying to be funny. Ima put that nail in your coffin once and for all. I wouldnt have made those statements if I didnt "want to put them to the test" as you say. Are you that thick headed?
Put your Barbie dolls down and your coloring books away and shut the fuck up and lets fight.

I see IAB doesnt want my chucks upside is effin face. I dont blame him, I wouldnt wanna fight me neither!

Mage said:
Look, Bunnies, I've played your Maxi however I haven't played HRD's - and yours is better than average but it isn't pro and I highly doubt you'll beat HRD


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