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  • Asuka better than Jun, but she do needs to came back,WTF happened to her anyway? BTW have we played each other yet/before in SC?

    What freaks me out is that I couldn't block 3BA on 3 bars, but you could.

    ... maybe you committed to it more than me? I dunno.

    but if you live all the way in Honolulu... yeah, I don't think we're ever gonna have a good connection.

    that's across an ocean, dude. and I don't live on the coast, either.

    and why'd you call me a bastard?!
    Sorry but 2nd lowest defense in the game would like to have a word with you. Jam is mine!
    Lol you know i was just thinking about dropping Amy but she's just too fun to pass up ;p and YOU DROP YOUR LITTLE GREEK HOE she aint got nothing on Amy
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