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  • You can do it~! I believe in j00! You'd better win, too. If not, lol, hope you like yellow submarines and hippie music. :P
    Dude, you have no fucking idea how bad it is. I don't really have much of a choice, though. I'm bored as hell, and it's either this browser or the PSP's...which is even worse. I actually considered playing SCIV online for the first time in months...

    And stop ducking me in BB. I know you own scrubs like me for free. ;)
    I think you should take up the mantle of Porcupan and troll Porcupine on Gamefaqs like you've never trolled before.

    No doubt the bards would sing of it for ages henceforth.
    lol, I'd be willing to take anything at this point... Well I dunno about anything in Hawaii though. Spam is popular as hell there, so fuck that.
    Damn right it's nice, faggot. By the way, are you still feeding retards at McDonald's?
    Oh man its such a great show! HBO ftw. The Wire, OZ, Sopranos and now this :).
    u deleted me lol, at one time i wasn't on for like 3 months because my ps3 got stolen lol so i had to get a new one,and when i finally got back on u were gone lol
    Hey, thanks for defending me on that art thread. :3 I'm not too good at the arguing and whatnot. I suck like that, lol.

    So thanks a lot <3 I truly appreciate it.
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