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    And I wonder why people play Viola...

    No DI on that chaingrab
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    Damp ultimate anti air

    that cunt punt at the end tho
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    SCIV Zasalamel combo

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    Which international player would you like to see at EVO 2014?

    where and when do you register for this tourney? its not on the evo site.
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    Can someone explain this?

    Well thats it ZWEI has to be nerfed now
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    Ranked is a mean place

    Exposed. Nice
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    EVO 2014 - Soulcalibur 5 Trailer

    haha this is pretty funny
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    SC: LS Sophitia combo 1

    What is Lost Swords? Is it like Project M but for soulcalibur kinda?
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    Natsu Air Grab Break?

    this is easy i do this all the time
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    soul edge got nothin on zwhy

    zwei needs to be nerfed again
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    (JFT) Blueboy vs OmegaDR

    Omega with the controller Johns
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    Soul Calibur V - Slomazing Adventures - Z.W.E.I.

    EIN with the clothesline from hell
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    Take this

    i see nothing abnormal here, this is expected with mitsu
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    Out ezio'd

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    Merry Christmas Calibur Friends

    i liked this video because Bruce Springsteen.