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    Character Matchup Knowledge

    This thread is intended to find specific and optimal strategies against common tactics that other characters use as part of their gameplan. I will try to keep the first post updated with objective tactics to handle certain situations rather than subjective strategies. I will leave that to the...
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    To See What is Right: Yoshimitsu Combos

    2 things: LH 22A 2(B) half-charge; i can escape this one by standing up and stepping. Is there something im missing. But, if you land 22A close enough, you can dash and land 4A A+B combo for 110 damage. Really finicky to get the dash though
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    To See What is Right: Yoshimitsu Combos

    MED K 2B+KK - 49 I think this combo should be FLE~K 2B+KB
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    Poll : Your opinion about RE mechanic

    Only thing i think needs changing is balancing the meter gain between RE and everything else. If you don't use RE and you're not yoshimitsu, it's unlikely you'll even gain a bar at the end of the round - which i'm actually fine with. But RE gives so much meter in comparison from standard play...
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    To See What is Right: Yoshimitsu Combos

    @12:05 6A+B FLE_K MED_A Crazy looking combo lol @14:08 CH (6A)A dash up 3B @15:42 DGFB 22B tech trap
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    To See What is Right: Yoshimitsu Combos

    22_88K BBB Also combos into 6BBBB @19:58 (CH) 214A into 3B @25:28 Not a combo but potentially nice setup? 22B 6K,A+B 236A+B
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    Heaven's Net Casts Wide: Yoshimitsu General Discussion

    Im guessing the right timing for soul steal JF is the moment when the soul enters him (or when he flashes yellow, same thing really) RE: soul charge In theory his approach doesn't change from when he is outside SC, but because you want to make the most out of it and the opponent is very aware...
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    Meter Management Early Strategy

    While it has no direct value to draw from, the defensive use of Soul Charge startup is worth mentioning. The value of it differs between characters (more useful for Ivy for example) but for everyone its always a GTFOff me move, of which there may be no equivalent.
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    How Can Soul Calibur Ensure Longevity?

    Realistically the only people that tend to stick around is anyone who wants to remain competitive. Unfortunately i don't think game updates and mechanics can really change that as its up to the players own mindset whether they want to face the grind to become better. This plagues all fighting...
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    Soul Calibur 6 Discussion

    Late to the party but i saw people mention Tekken launched with 36 characters. In a twist of fate, if you go by March 2015 launch in the arcade, it actually launched with 20 characters :^) Anything else was either added to the arcades later or the home console release years later. That said, i...