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    Yoshi Top Ten Moves

    even though this board is insanely dead, I want to point out a couple of moves/things that I'm surprised nobody brought up before Because I like to play more of a poking and keep-away game rather than the heavy rushdown and crouch mixup style, the moves I use are a bit different to suite that...
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    are you ever gonna finish things up on the scII yoshimitsu boards? there a lot of old, locked...

    are you ever gonna finish things up on the scII yoshimitsu boards? there a lot of old, locked threads with little to no info
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    Lizardman General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    wait, you cancel after the 214B+K does damage? video?
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    Aeon General Discussion / Q&A

    But you give your opponent so much meter with 214b+g, so use it cautiously
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    Sophitia General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    I thought he meant 4B after launching only, when it would be a guaranteed hit. I understand it's a good pressure move, I just must have misunderstood him
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    Cassandra General Discussion/Q&A

    You can GI during the stun of a guard break? Shows how much I know! (There's a lot about the mechanics in 2 I'm still figuring out in my transfer from 5) And yeah, I know soul charge setups in general aren't amazing, but I did think that is was free damage once you broke their guard. By the...
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    Astaroth General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    You forgot grabs, lol :P especially B+G[4]->22B, air B+G, etc 22B, 44B, and 1A are all great spacing tools as well, very important when you get space. 1B is a good low that gives you oki and can ring out. B6K is a fantastic tool that gives you an air B+G on CH and otherwise gets people out of...
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    Lizardman General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    ^ don't forget 236B for those lawn chair followups :sc2liz6: B6 is a good counterhit fisher, and it combos into 4b+kG which is also a hilarious move. 1B+K for swag-strats imo. OP on sand stages, lets be real 214B+K * I don't understand why you would want to cancel an unbreakable grab into a...
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    Sophitia General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    Her low game is awful too, very telegraphed and far worse than Cassy's. So her mixups are generally mid-high(grab) which is bad versus characters with strong while-rising and characters that excel at keeping you out of grab range. Also, why 4B over 236B Hates? 4B is less damage, though it's...
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    Spawn General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    My friend mains Spawn so I can probably answer some stuff 66Ba is an incredible move/approach! 44A is also pretty good, and 66B is 66B. As for damage, spawn has great setups, but really most of his damage comes from his opponent not knowing the matchup. (levitation gimmicks, etc) But you are...
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    Lizardman Combo Discussion Thread

    This starter is weird. It obviously doesn't even NCC on standing, but it only combos on crouching opponents sometimes. It seems to happen more frequently if you side hit them, but it still doesn't always work. Is something wrong with the frames in SCII HD since is was PAL (which has different...
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    Heihachi General Discussion/Q&A Thread

    He gets incredible damage off of launches and counterhits. (check the combo thread for the counterhit setups) There are several setups with guardbreaks like 4[A+B], A.A.(B), 6B.4A.B and 66(B) that all give you a guaranteed 66B → 236B which is a crazy 78 dmg each time. He has fantastic lows too...
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    Heihachi Combo Thread

    66B → 236B (78) more dmg and easier to do also, 9K.K is pretty broken lmao If they guard the first hit, there's too much guard stun for them to block low for the second hit. But if they're hit by the first hit, they can guard the second hit. One guaranteed hit = wat.jpg
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    Cassandra General Discussion/Q&A

    top secret info that you don't use unless it's tourney/money time: sshhh :sc2cas3:
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    Cassandra Combo Discussion Thread

    CH 22K K → 8wr B+K (87) side/back hit only, relatively inconsistent