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  • If you're at CEO, and didn't play Soul Calibur IV casuals yesterday afternoon. Fuck you go di-, Nah just kidding. But seriously, play SCIV.
    If anyone wants to beat up on a crappy Setsuka main, hit me up. I'm on PSN. LaSwagga
    you play with 3 bar connection?
    Oh hey, I just read that old complaint you did about me and my apparent lie about lag xD
    I know it's old but I just thought it was real strange why some random guy called me a joke
    and claimed how I lied about my lag with Laswagga. I was like, wtf? haha
    But uh ... yeah, like Krayzie said, I moved and I got new internet (thus faster/better connection)
    Glad you made up your mind and.. apology accepted? XD *hug*? O_O
    Hey, we're next on the 8WR tournament
    I'm gonna send you a friend request soon :P
    hey i'll be on today 4/14 from 11-5 bad that i haven't been on lately, been busy with a lot of stuff..anyways sorry for the delay
    I'll give you alittle game as to why you lost since you did. Here was the problem. I realized early that I was getting caught in your grabs WAY too much, so in turn I was using my unblockables to get away from that shit. Notice that my crawl stance wasn't doing much to your life it was just a safety precaution to stop you from grabbing me and force your next move. By beating your grabs I was able to out will you. This is true because I faught RTD_ATL earlier and he was catching me with Spacing and grabbing Hilde antics very similar to you
    Greetings my #1 fan. What's crackin?

    Are you ever gonna show up to a tournament so you can donate some money to the BxMxBxS Fund? Cause I would be happy to take your money, but you strike me as an "Online Only" kind of negro that will never show up to a tournament.

    Until then, keep spreading the good word of Black Mamba. Because any good publicity.

    Take your beef with sword lord to PMs... If you want answers, take it to PMs... making a thread about it, thats flaming.

    Thread Deleted.
    i'm off friday, and maaaaayyyybe sunday. i think im off friday, maybe. we have weird schedules

    tell me whenever its good for you, this week, next week, whenever. also, where would we meet up at?
    i'm headed to work right now, so while i'm there, I'm gonna check my schedule

    youll hear from me when I get off,.... until then
    WOW, someone else, besides me, here ACTUALLY lives in this forsaken town of Warner Robins!

    I wish you had a 360 GT, otherwise I'd hit you up for some casuals or something
    Good games to you too.

    Like I said though, I'm not sure who it was that said I had skills, lol.
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