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    8WR is on the map!

    Now this...this is win.
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    Soul Calibur Movie lol

    wow...i watched this and actually got a little angry >_<
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    Y-Seong players; try to convince me.

    ^^^not very convincing... i mean playing yun is all up to you, i play yun bc 1.i had been playing kilik since sc1 is fun to play with 3.crane 4. crane mix-ups 5. BT CR b+k (while the move itself is useless and a fucking joke, when playing scrubs it has good awe effect)
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    What do you drink while playing...

    i drink beer and tears...keeps me balanced during sessions
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    What Are You Listening To?

    oh god i LOVE that song. im listening to the becoming x album <3 sneaker pimps
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    The Misheard Phrases Thread

    in Mvc 1 when you insert coins does the announcer lady thing says "lets go pay day"?
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    8way Fashion

    psst...i wear solid gold body suits cause im gangster like that
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    Yun-Seong General Discussion

    yeah i second that
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    Nintendo Dance
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    Yun-Seong General Discussion

    well...mikosu thanks for answering my question >_<
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    If Games Could Get Abortions...

    quite. impressed i am. its the most savvy thing i've read all day.
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    If Games Could Get Abortions...

    lemmie ask you guys a question...whats the main reason for sf4 being abortion worthy...well for those of you who think it is
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    [New York City, NY] Afraid of a Little Fire????

    this is becoming poster on my wall
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    Ever seen a girl die on the street?

    i agree the american mainstreem media would never give full attention to something like this just for the simple fact that god-forbid shit gets "too real" for us americans. Its horrible what going on over there...