I am Mamoru, I'm here to improve as a player and possibly learn more about this community.

I am a free lance graphic designer and 3d modeler/animator and am hoping to get into the gaming medium as a developer. Here's to hopping!

I main Mitsurugi and am fair. Want to test me on the psn? Mamoru_Hasukage is the name you should look for. I will accept any challenge and hope it will enrich my abilities.

As a person off game, I am fairly laid back. As a fair warning: I am opinionated to a certain degree but am open to others' opinions and I will never claim your opinion is wrong. Just do not go claiming it as fact.

I enjoy Games (obviously), swordsman ship, drawing (gotta be good for concept art right?) and every once and a while just a good old nap.

See ya on the field of battle!
俺の名前は守だ! だれでも、武器でも、かかって来いよ!
Dec 3, 1991 (Age: 31)
S.t louis, MO
Free lance Graphic Designer/3d modeler/animator




俺の名前は守だ! だれでも、武器でも、かかって来いよ!


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