Low Tira Hero
February 19


[19:10:54] <MTfighter> I love shooting his gun​
[15:59] (Sp1d3r) honestly I dont think you have a gender, you are mostly made out of sandbags​

[16:18] (HRD) ima make you work for this ass [16:18] (Rigil) that does sound delicious​

Kingace: "Miko is our Tira hero, also a low spammer."​

[14:01] (Tiamat) i dont even know how many inches mine is i forget lol​

8:06 PM [Malice] a+b with kilik is when he slaps your face with his rod​
8:06 PM [mikosu] inb4 no homo​
8:06 PM [Malice] sig that​
8:06 PM [Lags] isn't kilik always pretty much slapping your face with his rod? :D


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