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    Random Post Thread

    On my way to steal yo man
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    Im new and sc5 is awesome

    XBL or PSN?
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    PSN/XBL Ragequitters

    Masked-Requiem ( i think thats how it is, im bad with tags)
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    Thank you SCV community :)

    I suggest playing around with edge master in training or arcade on easy. By doing so you are can build a better understanding of each character. I say edge instead of a specific character because his random styles act like flash cards :D
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    PSN/XBL Hatemail Thread

    I got 3 different people telling me "You got lucky"...
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    Gaming Habits

    Would anybody like to share their habits while gaming? Stuff like: -Background Music -Posture/Seating -Favorite controller -Self-hyping Anything I feel like I have to sit up to get a good match, I have something like paramore on in the background and I like to use a standard red Dualshock 3...
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    SC5 Good Games Thread

    GGs to SackoStuff from saturday
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    Ivy Air Grab Information & Discussion

    Theres a combo that I picked up from T-bzh (zbh? i get it mixed up) that is 2A+B launcher 1B A+B+K, that brave edge can be repeated for juggling people as long as there's meter. Then you can use 6B8.
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    Random Post Thread

    OK this needed to be shared: Tonight I was with my friends, suddenly we get a call from 2 drunk girls Drunks: "Tell _____ i want his D" My friend: "Too bad it's mine" *slaps _____* make a sound _____: *Terrible grunting sound* Drunks: "wow..." My friend: "That's right he's kinda busy so back...
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    Random Post Thread

    This blew up hella fast
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    Random Post Thread

    Some GIFs I found worth saving...
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    8WAYRUN Members Picture Thread

    Sorry it's a big photo, I'm not narcissistic. Probably the most embarrassing/awesome picture of me ever. Totes kawaii right?
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    Obligitory Animes Thread

    I can't even deal! Ugh so many questions! I could read the manga but I rather just watch the anime :/