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    EVO 2016 Side Tournaments

    I am still interested, but my T7 pool is at noon on Friday. So i guess I will coordinate with whoever is running it.
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    EVO 2016 Side Tournaments

    Thanks for doing this. Sounds like fun Will SC2 be on PS2 or are we playing SCII:HD on PS3?
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    Final Round 18 Results

    I love coming to these events. Calibur community is the best. I tried to hang out more, but I always have other tournaments and things going on. Hope to see you all in the near future.
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    Final Round 18 Results

    Did they really pay out the top 8? Cause i never knew or received anything.
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    [May 23, 2014] UFGT10:X (Chicago, Illinois)

    If you register today, you save $10.
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    KIT 2014 Results

    Honestly, I am out of the loop as far as soul calibur is concerned. I had no idea what to expect in this tournament and was pleasantly surprised it was packed with killers. I was also surprised that my wits were still strong enough to take 5th. BlueBoyB: I enjoyed our matches the most. I...
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    [Jul 12, 2013] Evolution 2013 Side Tournament (Las Vegas, NV)

    I would be interested, if something like this took place.
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    Ultimate Fighting Game Tournament 9 Results & Aftermath

    The other 7th place was a kid who played Maxi. I did not get his name. It was his first tournament and he was very quiet. Nice kid though. Played a mean Maxi. Took a game off LP when they played in their pool.
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    Youmacon Battle Opera Results & Aftermath There is Top 8. You can make your own judgement on the commentary. I just watched it, and honestly, I enjoyed it over all. The commentary did change up in the top 3 but the pace of the matches changed as well. They still covered some technical...
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    [Sep 28, 2012] Season's Beatings: Ascension (Cleveland, OH)

    What time will SCV start on Friday? I work until 5pm and i live 90 mins away. Also, can i register the day of? Also also, check your PM Sluch!
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    [Oct 20, 2012] MOK 2 (SCV, TTT2, SF, MvC, VF, KOF) (Cedar Rapids, IA)

    I thought you could map buttons to one button but macros where not allowed. So, if you had a weird stick layout you could still use it, but a move that requires 3 buttons to execute would still require the player to press 3 buttons. IDK, i think it varied from tournament to tournament.
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    [Jul 4, 2012] Pre-EVO Independence Day Tournament - Immortal Gamers League (Las Vegas, Nevada)

    Anyone with a car near the evo venue want to give me a ride?
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    [Jul 6, 2012] Evolution 2012 (Las Vegas, NV)

    I will be in las vegas on tuesday, 7/3. If you guys will be there, PM me your info so we can get some casuals.
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    [Jul 6, 2012] Evolution 2012 (Las Vegas, NV)

    I will be there tuesday. I am open to MM's and bets. PM me your contact info.