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  • Hey ! Summer = larp time for I don't have much money or time for video games (except for my job haha) either the community for Soul is quite dead here... Anyway, I'm still playing and praticing different matchup, hopefully I'll be up at Toronto this fall or winter ^^
    ok i should be on around that time but if u get on before me just send me a FR, and/or inv
    to a game and i'll do likewise
    Hey today is last day before we get the coin flip what time are you going to be free Ill make myself free before 7 pm est if need be just let me know
    Basically when my tag is online... which is like almost always... and its on a fighting game or a shooter... I'm ready. Add it, Icychains
    Yeah, best of 5 haha, anyway, I am available quite often, since teacher strike and no call for work -_- so say when and we can play ^^
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