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  • Bro i requested you like three days ago and you hadnt accepted me... ima be gone till sunday morning, ill be on sunday afternoon
    yo dawg everytime i see u, u on u must be like prestige 9000 or someshit....hit me up
    lol, I would love to accept ya challenge but I'm ps3less right now and not until prolly this weekend. You think we could postpone it until then?
    Lol, Yea I noticed you starting to catch on to my GI set-ups and counter it with 6B, alot of people don't catch on to that. Yea that WR K was stopping my PO UB's lol. I tried not to make it so obvious also doing it on times where either your back was turned to give me the slight frame advantage, instead of doing my normal 3BA to PO.

    And yea I told Xeph plenty of times to put me on the list, oh he gonna acknowledge the skillz! I just gotta get a steady time to play him cause me and him only did 4 matche. SL already told me I was better than Hikiari-16 (I only played him once for 1-0) and Kenhowie I was 5-1 with his T'aki till he started using I'vy in our session. No one else wants that T'aki spot so I should get it by default so I can go ahead and challenge these other peeps! Well I'll say it again, not on Sorbo shit this time, but just say it in best of PSN thread lol.
    Well compared to kikleek mine isn't as nasty.
    I'm just a simple Yoshi without ear slicer and iMCF.
    My Mi-na ain't nothing special.
    Damn. I wish I could come online. But my folks are in control of my TV. Tomoorow? I'll send invite.
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