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    Ivy Cancers - I want the cure now

    To add further to that the fighting games that are considered to be the best tend to allow players to make the fewest guesses. In MvC2, you can run away all day long and call assists, set up safe offense and put your opponent in a blender. It's beyond broken by most standards but you can avoid...
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    Is it just me or SCVI throw break system is retarded?

    It is pretty stupid. It was always a great, intuitive throw system. They had to change the binding to make room for reversal edge, but I think they should've just moved RE to something else (K+G, 4G, even a new button for CE and RE). It is what it is. :(
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    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    66B feels pretty awful. Disapointed with range on 2_8A+B but it does hurt bad when you hit at the farthest point. Soul Charge gives revenge on everything, wow. The revenge grabs are an interesting tool, tons of range but quite slow. Lots of weird lethal hits that I'm not sure of the use for yet.
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    Geralt General Discussion / Tricks of the Trade

    @AndyrooSC Regarding #6 I think it would be important to mention that people who like managing various and unique meter options would enjoy him. He has a simple game plan but he can also choose to either spend meter on his spells or save up for soul charge and get them for free.
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    My brother had a 64 win streak on the beta with his basic Ivy -_-

    Yeah, I've read that thread. Is this what the tournament community is for SoulCalibur? Nerf all the shit before the game is even officially out? Out of that entire six pages of whining, only a handful of posts were actually trying to really discuss solutions. I won't deny that it is a godlike...
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    My brother had a 64 win streak on the beta with his basic Ivy -_-

    Come on, this was an online beta. The majority of players have zero knowledge coming into the beta. Ivy requires some matchup knowledge, so it's not surprising that he had a massive win streak. Ivy looks like she might be strong but nothing suggests that she needs any major changes... changes...
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    Reversal edge mechanic master post by Trace_afj

    I recall seeing some in some very early Mitsurugi / Sophitia builds before people knew much about RE, but that was also quite some time ago.
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    Demon Huntress: Taki Pre-release Discussion

    Agreed, she is pretty much the opposite of high risk/high reward
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    Looking to ged gud- any good resources out there?

    This is my favorite, it is too long and unorganized but it is a giant knowledge dump so it is worth wading through. Aris covers a lot of SC2 specific things but in general his SC2 tutorials dive into how Soul Calibur works at a fundamental level. You also get to see more of an OG perspective of...
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    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    I don't think it is unreasonable for people to be worried. We know the basic premise of how RE, GI, and meter will be. We have also heard that movelists will be smaller but it's not clear yet just how small they will be. These are things that people have disliked in previous SC games so it's...
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    SOULCALIBUR 6: News, leaks and information discussion.

    It's funny that this is being said about Soul Calibur. One of the easiest to pick up fighting game series to ever exist. Like, how much easier do you get for a pick up and play game than this? Of course, SCV also made the dumb mistake of adding in a bunch of mechanics to create a false sense of...
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    Soul Charge Moves Cause Damage When Guarded

    Seems to last maybe around 8 seconds or so but taking hits will make you lose meter. I'm more interested in whether the chip damage is affected by the guts scaling.
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    Online Features/Experience

    Ranked Ladder public / private Endless lobbies Conquest mode in the style of Soul Calibur 2/3 Arcade, though I never really got a chance to play SC3 in arcades
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    Current Build has placeholder for 20 Characters

    20 is plenty, especially from a new release. Plus, I would be surprised if this character select doesn't change on final release.