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    How do you beat Taki's Possession Spam

    PO A is -12. I saw that info on Aris video checking her out and he had a program that showed frame data as he was playing
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    [Match-Up] Taki

    Taki's B is only a break attack in SC, otherwise its plus on block but can be GI'd
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    Talim in SCVI: Move Study & Analysis

    whats the exploit? and why doesn't A+B work?
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    it has different properties on combos I believe, but since i havent gotten the timign yet i dont know exactly what it does
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    Sophitia's Sword and Board / General Discussion

    Damage wise As B:4, the B:B one is only better for wall splat and ringouts
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    Escape is Futile; Ivy Combos

    I read in another forum (Xianghua's) that damage is relative to the move you break with, I would assume tis something universal but I havent tested anything with other characters on the matter therefore I can't comment for sure, but it is something you should think about
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    Seong Mi-na Combos

    Yeah I said that earlier too and no one else bothered to test it reply on it... Im not sure if Im making something wrong, or if all the 3b:K stetups are back techable making it essentially a tech trap instead of a combo
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    Yeah 2A+B is also cancellable
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    It's Over For You; Ivy Punishment Thread

    This is the punishment thread, so yeah this is the place for it... Even though im not a mod Im confident to answer this for you
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    The Way of the Ninja; Taki Combos

    In general though I feel Taki Ce isnt meant to be used in combos with the invisibillity she gets. Though the SC counter to it makes you be more weary throwing it out on neutral but my guess is it was designed to go though attacks and not for combos
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    Sophitia Combos

    Sophitia doesn;t have a 66 BAK string... Its either 88 BAK or something else entirely
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    Sophitia's Sword and Board / General Discussion

    Anyone knows how is 66B on block? Edit: Ok sry scrap that I just checked on the wiki
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    Seong Mi-na General Info/Discussion

    In my experience the 66B+K in most combos past 3b:K whiffs on back tech roll but it catches everything else. Tested only on Mi-Na so far though
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    Escape is Futile; Ivy Combos

    Yeah you just put the dummy on second action to guard all and thats it
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    Calamity Symphony

    True! My mind did go to sc6 WP is movels like AA and stuff but I just wanted to be sure... I remember in the earlier games (SC2 i think) where she had also the stance where she would spin the her whip in a circling motion over her head, and on her side too, but I dont remember how they were...