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    Viola Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    ya my bad read it wrong, i thought it was Orb 6B+K after the B+K
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    Viola Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    ok im trying to imagen this combo.... uhm the Orb 6b+k part, in order for that to work the first hit must actually whiff while the second hit just barely hits them before they reach the ground correct? also wouldnt B be our only option after that? i thought A was ACable or is the B+K BE fast...
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    PSN is pootytang4000 looking forward to it

    PSN is pootytang4000 looking forward to it
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    Viola Video Discussion

    i meant 6aa lol iv played viola from day one, iv attempted to use every move she has to the max potential that i can achieve... there still a lot about violas moves that i dont understand but i definitely have a better idea then most ppl. my experience from ivy comes from players that i...
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    Viola Video Discussion

    ur not supposed to space at disadvantage.... simply put doesnt matter how much space or speed ivy's attacks are or how good the ivy player is, she won't be able to stop a viola spacing out on advantage. also giving the meta at full range, ivy's farthest reaching move is 8b+k which is punishable...
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    Viola Video Discussion

    to be fair, viola actually out ranges ivy.... by alot.... viola is the only SC5 character with FULL SCREEN shenanigans. if im correct, ivy's 6(b) is unsafe too violas VO 6A+B. VO 6A+B actually can punish a lot of ivy's moves at max range a lot of ivys options at max range, are actually...
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    Fall! Star of Chaos (a Viola Combo "Drop" Video)

    This is how NOT to play viola.....
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    If you dislike viola, LIKE this video

    ivy broke, her tits are too big, her ass is too fat, her thighs are too thick.... she can crush you with any one of those body parts and do over 200+ damage in one move.... THAT smarty... is broken
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    If you dislike viola, LIKE this video

    thats a uhm.... a really...uhm... "good" viola
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    Dampierre Doom/ Just Derp 3????

    dude that was pretty epic, that was 3 tech traps in a row? one of them being a grab lol? also btw what did you use to record ur game, its looking pretty crisp? whats ur setup/settings?
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    Ivy vs. Ivy DEATH COMBO FTW!

    Smarty.... You're style gets you killed
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    SCV Ivy (SaneOne) vs. Nightmare (Doomgucci)

    lets go. my boy sane balling niggas up
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    nothing to say ppl are douche bags

    nothing to say ppl are douche bags
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    44a BE vs Opyrha's CE(Gypsy Magic)

    Just another of your typical viola glitches, this one happens to be violas 44aBE vs Oprahs CE....... apparently 44aBE wins this battle....
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    My thoughts on the DLC petition and other SC topics.

    oh, and change All of violas orb recalls into JFs, so like BB:B and 6A:B