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  • dude, I've been teling you this in the tournament page topic. let's go today. If you can't today, just let me know when you can. as in a time and everything.
    Heya, Just got text from Greekmami, and it said she'll try again to get her games with you when she gets online (either tonight or in the morning) before deadline.
    where've you been on psn? And I'm in round 4 onw. My next opponent is Freaky-Styley
    He said something like, "you're lucky Mitsu is such a bad match up for me, or else it wouldn't be so easy."
    but in the end, fruit was decent, just pissed me off from what he said. I just said GG's though.
    I played frutipunchsmrai. He wasn't ready man... shame. He should've trained harder. The he says "If Mitsurugi wasn't a bad match up for me, it wouldn't be so easy." I destroyed him, 2 matches 5rounds each. He got 1round in out of 20. His mina can use some work, a lot. I think he made it 5rounds to try and critical me. lol.
    I beat my first opponent, with ease. When you planning on doing yours?
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