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    Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate

    The game looks very nice but im still not sure whether i will play it. Played ttt2 now.. dont know if this game can top it. Other thing im worried is... can i play this game in the living room with ppl i respect watching? Im mainly pointing at the sexism stuff :P
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    Persona 4 Arena

    sigh.. waiting for a EU release :(. Why is this the only ps3 game that is region locked :P
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    Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Unlimited

    Got it for 2 days now.. its super awesome. Im sry but sc5 probably will never be inserted again. You just 'feel' the love in this game. It does not feel rushed or anything at all. I love this :)
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    Your thoughts on the [PS3]HORI Fighting Commander Pro 3

    I have this controller but.. it is way too small. I have small hands and still the controller is small, especially the dpad :) --edit-- Nvm i had the regular hori fighting commander... havent tried the 'pro' version.. is it really larger?
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    do you think SFxT will hurt SCV?

    Playing it for a bit now i have to admit.. the game is truly truly fun to play so i might start playing SC5 less (i wont stop playing completely however). At start i had the impressesion that SFXT was just a gimmicky kind of game but its really fun in the end.
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    do you think SFxT will hurt SCV?

    It grasped me away, so now im prolly going 50/50 on both games. Tbh.. SfxT is unexpactedly good and fun.
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    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    if they backstap i usually use B+K so i advance towards em. Dunno if its a good option but so far it works (sometimes.. unless they read me doing it :P)
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    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    ah ok ill give it a go thanks :)
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    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    oh typo, i meant from standing position :P
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    Leixia Q&A/General Strategy Thread

    Question here, i was just playing vs the cpu (just to see what it can do) and i see the computer doing FC3BB (the guard crush move that hits the toes). Anyways i see the cpu does it from stance so is it like a special command for it.. or is it just that the computer can input stuff so perfect...
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    Soul Calibur V Sales Discussion

    The hype died quite a bit when the 3 last mimic chars were revealed, i think ppl decided something like 'forget it ill wait for one of the other fighting games coming soon'. If the last 3 revealed characters would be killer and have great cool original styles or cool returning ones it would...
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    Despising characters discussion. Start!

    Every character that has an X in its name
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    [Netherlands] Any Dutchies around?

    Kom zelf van texel (cocksdorp) heb hiervoor altijd BB gespeeld en was wel aardig fanatiek. Speel dit nu ook een beetje maar ben geen 'hardcore sc player'. PSN is sarriana Probeer trouwens hilde en o.pyrrha op dit moment(hoewel het niet al te goed gaat).
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    Story Mode Love it or Hate it?

    Lets just say i skipped every movie after the first 2 :P
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    Pyrrha Omega General Discussion

    Played a bit today again and i definately think regular pyrha is better however.. i still like o.pyrrha more cause of her voice, so ill be going with her :P