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  • CEO 2011 is now hosting SCIV. Major Tourney in Orlando FL.. Get Hype! Google CEO 2011 for more info. Official Soul Calibur IV info will be posted soon.
    You should try and make one of our FL monthlies. January, I'm trying to make the date the 29th so peeps can plan as far ahead as possible.
    Is eating what looks like a hotdog but taste like a burger. Fuckin scrumptios
    Lol, I'm leaning towards Tira and Xianghua for now. But, Talim will get some love. Remember, I'm just messing around with these three.
    Yeah, I'm more comfortable of using her than my Raph, Yun, Nighty, and Mitsu. Scrub subs.
    Then again, Yun is a potential tertiary main. But, I'm thinking of maining a girl for tertiary.
    Xianghua, Talim, and Tira catch my attention. I also like Taki and Hilde, but too lazy to learn.
    Oh I know. I know.
    Really, it's not worth putting another post on your visitor message panel about. It's for a more personal occasion.
    The rule is basically this: If the opponent's character does not use supernatural powers, I won't use Raphael's teleport or life regeneration.
    As I said, I have my reasons for this, which would probably bore anyone except over pizza. And I intend to take my losses on the chin and not breathe a word on what-ifs. I'm *happy* to play like this and I'm not gonna stress people like a scrub about it.
    The fun part for my opponents is I intend to allow for some bargaining in the case of, say, X, or Nighty. X only technically has two supernatural powers, not, as I understand, essential to her game. I would use Raph 100% against X, but if the opponent agreed not to use these two moves, I would agree not to tele or regen.
    It's unlikely we'd play, though. We'll never see what it's like together. :'( ;)
    hi there ._./// i know u are the same from gfaqs from the vid >.>

    Its a pity US is a little out of range for me, offline and online :| or i'd have asked u some matches .-.
    Same here bro can't wait the hang out with you again at the next tourney. Good job at fsak too :)
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