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  • You gonna sign up for the next tourney? I like this Mina repping you me and turnip are doing.
    Yea, sorry about that, my FL is usually full. Just send me a message, and I'll make some space, although my Mina is garbage heh (or at least, I think so).
    oh great. a voldo player! i have the least amount of experience against voldo players. i honestly can never predict where he's going to go. but i'll look out for you. :)
    As usual we need to get in more Mina mirrors, especially since I need practice for online tourneys.
    Yeah, I got the message (But forgot to reply about it, lol). Feel free to send a friend request when you have the chance.
    thanks bud. i appreciate it. BTW, i don't mean to be a pest, but I sent you a message asking if you are interested in mina mirror matches. like i said, i'm a solid mina player, but i'm always looking to learn from other people. i actually got my 360 back a day earlier than expected.

    if you are interested, i'll send you a friend request. just give me a few days to get back into the swing of things though. it's been a month of no SC4. :)
    Not a problem. Simply click on the Forums button at the top, then scroll down a bit to the "Soul Arenas," and click on the one that has our girl Mi-na on it. Here's a link for ya, though: [url]http://www.8wayrun.com/f37[/url]. Be sure to check out as many of her threads as you can, since there are usually at least a few gems of advice tucked in each one.

    And don't worry, most of us here aren't pricks or elitists (I say that because I've heard complaints of players telling others off online because they haven't joined us or something. It's unfortunate, but doesn't reflect most of us in the least).
    Since you main Mi-na (Exclusively, from what I can tell), you might want to post in her respective Soul Arena on here. There's less than a dozen people who even go there, so it'd be lovely if you went and contributed to some threads (Assuming you'd want to in the first place, of course).
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