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    How do you beat Taki's Possession Spam

    Sorry, delayed response. Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll stick with VF (if you play, hit me up on PSN: Sebopants), I like it when my main doesn't have too many whiffing mids or dealing with guard breaking nonsense lol.
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    How do you beat Taki's Possession Spam

    What is PO A on block? Like, it beats step and knocks down at i12, and you guys want a actual throw game from PO? Hell nah, you're fine. Also, 2A/Low Tech shit I try gets beat anyway, it's enough the unblockable is impossibly fast online (and A will kill your step). Taki may not be strong...
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    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    You're just gonna have to use them "smarter" because Astaroth players have to right now. A lot of things aren't RE and lows... But really, (mostly as a VF player) the design choices made by Namco baffle me. Just pick Sig, NM, Ivy, and you can reduce stress and relax that brain.
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    Am I the only one who gets wrong inputs on reversal edge?

    I feel like the person who initiated RE wins any clash that may happen on the second round. So you just need to beat the out right.
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    [Match Up] Sophitia

    So I've been labbing 44/66A+G and writing up an comprehensive guide to dealing with all of Mina's tools (hopefully will be finished soon) and spoiler: 44/66A+G (I'mma dub it Tank-Throw/Low Tank-Throw) is fucking amazing (at least in the Mina v Astaroth match-up). Will post my findings when...
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    PC Network Issue: Dropped Mid Match if a Spectator Leaves

    I haven't had a session that this didn't happen. Even more consistent crashes when the host leaves.
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    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    For long range 9B+K. It shuts down the majority if her max distance and puts you in your range. There are other attacks that beat 9B+K but when she uses them that when you press forward. For mid range against her low throw or mid mix up, 8A+G or 9B+K will hit. This isn't 100% a reliable...
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    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    I'm pretty sure its only on hit. The stun reminds me of SCIII Kilik's WRB. --edit after some more scrub testing on myself and only verses Asta-- On block RE K forces crouch. If you do low throw afterwards it sometimes works when beating out WR attacks (depends on the attack's hitbox) but if...
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    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    Oh, and something else I found out while messing around online and in dojo: RE K is a shakeable stun. When the opponent doesn't know that, it's a free attempt for a crouch throw (extra damaging in SC). The opponent can block K and stand up to avoid the low throw by standing if they...
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    SC6 Frame Data Archive

    Messing around in dojo I found Asta's RE K.
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    [Match Up] Sophitia

    It is annoying that many of Sophi's attack aren't punishable on block, but using those + frames for your own stuff is the best way to go. Throw against Guard, 6A/whatever for step, 6B for counter. Otherwise, like in most matchups, GI is vital. Disclaimer: The following are probably (nah...
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    Astaroth Offical General Discussion

    I haven't read every comment in this section, but I learned some cool things about 44/66A+G. If you're baiting a CE: X, Azzwell, Cervy, Tira, Groh, Raph, Geralt, Soph, Seig, Maxi, Mina, Talim, and NM's (the non-unblockable one), your armor throw will tank through if you do the throw right...
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    Online Rank Reset

    Is there a way to reset your rank? I'm E3 and I'm garbage, but I keep getting booted from rooms on Steam without even playing a game, and I'm trying to play new characters.
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    Ivy Cancers - I want the cure now

    Because we need an universal thread that gives anti-strats for all characters with contributions made by people who have the time to learn all of the specifics.
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    SOULCALIBUR 6: WishList Thread

    Display of Frames in the Dojo mode. Somehow improve the netcode. Make there a set limit to the number of Nightmares/Sophitias that can be played ever to zero. Steam Workshop mods that allow you to edit out all the weeb nonsense. Change the damage scaling so that combos do around the same amount...