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  • iAGA is i14.
    thats the fastest AGA

    the regular one is 15 - 21 frames depending on how fast you can press the GA after the a. =D

    wow 4A is +3 on guard... gotta star using that more often. too bad its a high xD
    "slow" version is pretty fast to me... =D

    i can never pull off the JF version though... =[
    i have mine A+G set to L1 and its really easy to get aga like that. just press aL1 =D
    Yeah my bad. Doing a lot of mind games with different people make me tired.
    But, I enjoy doing that. That's what a Namurai does lol.
    sounds like a plan! I was planning on picking up some video editing software anyway ... that would be a nice 1st project ... why don't you whip up a general idea of what ud like to see, PM me
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