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  • Hello Seungcheul,
    I'm sending you the same message I sent Hyunmu.

    I'm not sure if you are aware but in March we will be having a huge tournament in America called Final Round and would love to have you and any other player from Korea that would like to come, attend. Do you think it would be possible? We would help as much as we can with travel and rooming.
    I'm considering visit USA for meet my friend Esom in MN after Jan.

    Not 100% guarantee I attend Final Round match.
    But, If I going there... That's be honor to me.
    I'll keep in touch in 8wayrun. Thank you.
    Oh okay. Thank you. It would be our honor to have you. I look forward to it.
    Whats up, how are you?
    I watch your message in now -_-;;;
    How are me? Good. And nice.

    I added facebook account,
    Let's talk about Simple Samurai.
    in korea, does everybody have to go the army at a certain age?
    Yes, Gatos. Over 20 years old man must to go army.
    Sometimes, There are except case.
    Woman can go to army if she want to apply.
    Hello Seungcheol-hajashi! It was nice to hear from you again. Sorry I missed you in the chat room. How are you? No lasting effect from getting sick in Denver, I hope. :) Come visit us again some time soon! I need to test your Tekken skills next time :)

    Give my greetings to Kura as well, and I hope you both stay safe!
    Hello, my friend!

    Yes that you have to go to army is hard thing. In russia people also must go to army at age of 18...
    It seems we wont be playing again in a long time. I hope to see you on MSN soon and chat. Or maybe I will write you a PM on 8wr if I dont see you on MSN next week.

    See ya!
    hey Seungcheul, great meeting you at Evo take care

    don't let Madnis corrupt you, that is all :)
    Hi Seungcheul, I don't have windows messenger only AIM. It is my understanding from Oofmatic, that you still need a room, please let me know if you do.
    this saturday I made a promise. ㅠ ㅠ
    watching Transformers 2 that night with some friends.
    morning through lunch i'll be free.
    I can play friday night and sunday.

    my name is Roberto, by the way.
    hehehe. but you can keeping calling me Madnis if you like.
    yes i live near Hong Dae University.
    Though i'm not really good, I would like to meet up with you guys and play.
    Especially because i don't really have anyone to play with.

    always the soccer game with my other friends.. ㅠ

    anyway, my handphone number is 010.9344.2208
    i'm usually busy during the week, but weekends are fine

    월-금 바쁜대... 주말은 괜찮아요. ㅋㅋ
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