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    Viola Glitch Report Thread

    Quoted from my other thread (didn't realize this one existed).
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    Stereotypes for people who play X character

    I never had a gypsy fetish, but reading this thread makes me think that I'm supposed to.
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    I dislike playing against...

    I keep hearing this but I've yet to run into a Viola mirror. Same thing when I was more active on SSF4 online with Juri. But I can't stop, won't stop, don't even know how stop. Orbs for life. Personally hate: Siegfried: Even the A4 AI can zone me out with Sieg. It saddens me to no end that a...
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    Stereotypes for people who play X character

    I think it says that you only look ahead, actually. :P I have too many CaS' to even starting thinking down that path though. Added because of last night's session: Tira: Doesn't know where the Guard button is. Patroklos: Still a smug bastard, but now with the sole goal of trolling you...
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    Viola General Matchup Discussion

    My sparring buddy mains Mitsu (and has since SCI) so I feel pretty comfortable in that matchup. 4B doesn't seem to hold a candle against Viola's new and improved 66B (matches the range and *if* if steps out of range it seems to whiff on the TC). You could 4B+K it, but it sounds like he's reading...
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    Viola Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    I see... doesn't seem to change my conclusion, though. If 6B+K 6B 3B is guaranteed off the same connection, why spend more meter? (Obligatory speculation disclaimer: Slidikins is still at work and won't test this out until much later to see if this information is, indeed, correct.)
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    Viola General Discussion / Q&A

    The frame changes are already known to us and should be in the Frame Data discussion. But to reiterate the changes (to frames in general) that I'm aware of: 4B: Now -5 on block (4 frames better), as Aragh said WR B: Also -5 on block (3 frames better) 66B: i21 (3 frames faster), -6 on block (7...
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    Viola Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    1) Thanks for, if indirectly, answering my question about 66K BE into B+K BE. Though I don't think it's worth a full bar, good to know my options. 2) So essentially it's the 2nd best BE because of a huge hit confirm window? Viola is 50/50 mixups all over with and without the BEs so I guess I...
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    What made you choose your main?

    In Soul Edge I picked Seong Mi-na. Why? Because she was easy on the eyes and had a damn big weapon. A horse-cutting blade! You can't mess with that! I was young, and large weapon seemed pretty solid to me. And she was cuter than the zwei wielding characters. Soul Calibur I and II I stuck with...
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    Now, I agree that some buffs do not seem warranted at all but you're missing the whole point of Hates' message! So let me reiterate for him... It's way too early to say that anyone is not tournament viable. People shunned Viola as low tier early on but she did solid in competition. We all...
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    What has been screwed cannot be unscrewed.

    For future reference, the screws on my Mad Catz TE stripped rather quickly. I solved it by placing a piece of rubber band down and pressing hard on the screw driver. The rubber filled it out and let me remove it.
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    Official Soulcalibur V 1.02 Patch Notes!

    What I like best is that, while Viola got buffed, in order to embrace that newfound damage potential you have to master even harder execution. Her downfalls are still her downfalls, but she's definitely up there now. And "fortunately" i love getting forced in VS when I'm hit... makes combo'ing...
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    Viola Combo & Tech Trap Discussion

    ORB 2A+B B+K BE works as well. SET 2A+B doesn't give enough frame advantage I don't think, but I haven't tested it much. I'm sure you use ORB 2A+B a lot, especially with juggles, so it's very viable.
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    Viola Frame Data Discussion

    When I wrote the post it was showing up as SL in Training Mode. Now it's showing as a L again. Honestly no idea what happened there. Maybe I temporarily confused it with 2A on the sheet. In that case, nevermind.
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    Viola Frame Data Discussion

    My data is conflicting some of the data on the sheet. Two examples: - 1K is a TC and it doesn't leave you in FC as your sheet says. - 2K is not a L, it's a SL. Also, B+K BE launches for 37 damage. The other 13 only occurs if they hit the floor unharmed. I would list it as two separate hits.