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  • Guess I'm playing you again, I'm expecting to lose. Maybe this time we can stick around and just play some casuals...usually distracts me from having just lost.
    How is it that we're probably going to end up the second round?

    Don't lose, now, you hear?! I wanna beat you myself! I still owe you for last time!
    Good stuff. You sure keep strange company though.

    We should really fight more often. You should invite me sometime!
    oh man im not looking forward to our match ive gotten worse and you've probably gotten better oh boy :(
    aye we gotta get some more matches in my night mare still needs alot of work i dont know how to mix it up with 236 or rush like you do yet but i think ive gotten a little better
    Looks like we're up! I might've played you usually good to go anytime after 6pm(pacific)However since its FRIDAY i might be on a little later (10p and on).....and all day saturday.

    let me know wat works.
    Good games man, I think I can get you next time unless you sandbagged me... Considering how much you wooped me in 2-3 and then seemed sandbaggish in the other matches too D:
    i was really hopin I wouldnt have to play you but..........looks like you and I will be up next against each other in that damn tourney. I still have flashbacks of you wall comboing me throughout an entire

    lemme know whens a good time for you. Im usually available in the evenings past 6:00 cali time.......hit me up!!
    im pretty interested in playing you cause i played you like two or three months ago and beat you but from what i have heard you've improved alot also my nighmare needs help
    about 2 monthes ago you promised me some casuals:) Ill add you later today accept if you wanna play some 1v1's some time. later
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