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  • Sorry dude I've been kinda buy but let's meet up at 3801 W.Belmont Ave, Its a huge Dunkin Donuts store. Also what should I be looking out 4? R u a male or female (I'm sorry I don't know), r u Spanish, white, Asian, African American? Glasses or no glasses, long hair short hair, etc. Please let me know so that way I can spot u out faster, n let me know when u can come, I'm free today,(9,16) Friday, (9,17) and Saturday (9,18) So let me know when u can come.
    Hey I was wondering if you read the message I wrote on the United States Central thread about me finding a place to host SC2 and 4 battles and a place were you and me can have that Link vs battle. let me know please.
    fuck, I totally forgot. I'll see if I can find a torrent for it tonight, that'll download in less than a week. btw, bring me to cannes with yoo :D
    Ahh, nice. Yeah, CD told me the final score, said you came back 4straight wins. lol, nice. I want to see them videos.
    It was a pleasure being able to meetcha guy. Nice to finally be able to play you offline and hopefully we can do it again some time next year or so.

    I have my brother post our matches as soon as possible.

    GG's ;]
    hey there guy. It's sorrybaskets from california. I just got out of bootcamp training and I'm free a few hours saturday and sunday. Between about noon and 5. I'll be in the chicago area, and great lakes area. Both my brother and I are here and wana have a good taste of that eastcoast competition! I got your number from my good friend who I'm sure you know, KrayzieCD so don't be alarmed when I call. My only days to play are saturday and alsundsay so if there's any way we can play I'd really look forward to it. It's rare I ever leave cali and I'd apreciate the challenge, so get back at me weather you decide to meet up or not.
    Well I thought you knew yal in the same state :/ but he mentioned once he was going to play u guys offline. Guess he never did. I really want to play you guys so I'll talk to typhoon. Teflon is hella busy though especially on the weekends.
    Are we still on for next month? Im supposed to be staying at Teflon's but if something comes up is your place free?
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