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  • so are you going to write another guide for SCV I just want to say thank you it helped me so much and i think you should write another one for the coming nightmares when you master him again :D
    looks like idle got your message. grats NM mod guy!! now quit being a bitch and help me with the damn maxi arena!!
    ON XBL! Some idiot on xbl named NME rebirth got mad because I raped him with vader and he told me to check the forum and said that you made a rule that we could not use vader on ranked, was this true?
    with nightmare how can you tell that you are doing the slow input (ag:A ) compared to the non jf agA
    Hey Tiamat sorry to bother you, I'm not sure where I should post my request and I know you really enjoy keeping the Nightmare forum sharp and tidy so I don't want to get off topic: I'm probably getting a 8 button stick and I'd like to know common button layouts for nightmares, if you play stick and could tell that'd be awesome but if not I was just wondering who I should ask.
    yea, it was cancelled. With MLG Dallas being the same weekend, he couldn't get the finances (aka tourney money) to come down. He's been gone for a few weeks now back to Iraq. I think his deployment is 15 months. Anywho, word from MLG Dallas is that they're in the final stages of approving the production of SC5, sooooo...keep your fingers crossed, and don't go and google. since it isn't confirmed, it's not going to be on there.

    hi-hi, how are you? sorry about the prize being only $25, but at least people are playing Soul Calibur in maryland still right? well i guess if more people started to play around HCC and the players at HCC got better, i belive the prize would be a little more sense everyone would have a chance to win it then. well thanks for helping me with tips with Nightmare and Maxi match-ups, i'm trying out some new openings that are not safe at all, as well some safe moves thoughout the match, playing safe is rather boring for me at least. Currently watching and learning about Black-ops as wel as Hilde, Ivy, and new project Talim. wish me luck.
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