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  • Hellow you. I heard VA needs some heating up. So just for you im comming to spice up your life. Hit me back ;]
    I like using Scott in the game. Kinda psyched to play as Knives. :D I just wish that Wallace is playable. :\ Definitely check out the movie when you get a chance. :)
    I bought the comics on my IPhone. I don't normally read comics as much as I used too, but those books were the best read I had in a long time. And the movie was pretty awesome too. Best thing about it was that the movie is the comic. :D Grant it, there a few minor changes, but a good 80% of the movie is the comic. Can't wait for the DLC and the Bluray movie too !! :D
    Hey Tim here, Arnidrake and Tseuee on XBL and Tseuee on PSN, would like to play against you offline, but online if not able to meet
    Does your new HD tv have component cable connections? You can still get HD using those and should be able to record directly since it doesn't have all of the protocols that HDMI has.

    I've been snooping around in your VA matchmaking thread. You guys should record some stuff from the gathering, your youtube channel has been neglected for FAR TOO LONG. :P
    hehe, honestly I don't remember when I gave hoshi no samidare that rating. It probably does deserve a better score because there are a lot of things I like about it, but I think it had to do something with the timing of the scanlation group going on hiatus (then having it picked up by a mediocre scanlation group) during a part in the series when they were introducing all the other knights, so I lost focus. Also, the mangaka can't draw a horse's face to save his life >_>.
    I added you, but you were never online so I deleted you for another BF player. He deleted me lol so you can add me again if you want.
    Yeah they're both awesome, but Guchuko has laser worms and a scythe that cuts things annie mae style. I dunno how you beat that.
    hey tiamat i added u on psn... hopefully get some kofxii matches going as the new patch is out... and maybe some sc4 too... hear a lot about ur nighty... it be cool to get some good ol asta vs. nighty matches going...
    Hello Tiamat,
    I´m Vini from Brazil. I added you on PSN last week. May I add you here too?^^
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