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  • impossibly busy...its finals week..lol. And I'll probably be in Davis most of the spring break, but we can get some games in after that for sure.
    bro, what happened to the offline matches on saturday?? lol... its okay.. i made up for a lot of lost sleep recently instead..lol.
    good to get some offline in with you finally :) Anytime I'm free I'm willing to throw down. I need to get that damn gb with cervy down to 100%.... on a pad...LOL...sigh. I need a damn stick.... good games though. I'll note the 58 to 36 (42???) wins in my favor though..to make myself feel a little better..lol.
    hey man i forgot me and you are in a tournament and im facing you when you get a chance you can pm me or contact me by my gamer tag : I Xavi3R I
    i can't *tear. I am either 1: going down to Davis on friday to get drunk at my brother's birthday party or 2: spending the weekend getting a new place to live. I am currently in a weekly hotel rental place (you know where "the hitching post" is??) until I find a new place to live. So unfortunately its gonna be a depressing miss for me.
    sorry I havn't gotten back wit you about playing some games offline. I've had housing shit problems and still will for at least a few more days (hopefully no longer..sigh). It might take a while.. but once I'm use to my new arrangements of wherever I'm living i'm willing to try and get some offline games going with you sometime.
    LoL sorry I left dude I had people over and I just decided to play you since you had already invited me twice... The lag the first match was horrible haha so we both jumped out and shit... The second match wasnt much better... Somedays i'm like that with people from cali, but it gets alot better.. depending on what internet you got... We can try it again sometime, I just didnt want them sitting around while I played pointless laggy games... lol soon as you hit me while i was just standing there with maxi's trip I knew it was too laggy ( I always GI that or at least block it, ALWAYS )... and 2A to throw 3 times in one round is umm a little rough in lag... Anyways in no way did that show either of us had any skill so I had to bounce... try again tonight maybe... ! holla
    i was only kidding bout the whoring 3B out, i was just trying to be funny. Thanx for whoopin my ass 20-0 last night. thnk i broke a controller by throwing it across the room...lol
    yea and do you know how many frame traps he has for iMCF ? lol anyways theres no way anyone can totally shut down a move that good...anyways I'm not going to debate much more as we will be fighting online so you will already have an advantage with your maxi ;) All the things you said you attacked with you acted like you knew i was going to do iMCF right after so in those cases it would work... If i waited.. it probably wouldnt... point is i dont know what your going to do, you dont know what i'm going to do so lets just fight and put away with all this theory haha cool ? just send me a msg like i said and i'll add ya up when i get home! peace bra!
    haha I play maxi... I know about making people whiff GI's , trust me I wont even try to GI you online... LoL it isnt worth it... and I PROMISE you i can hit you with iMCF at least once a fight... Believe me you arent the first maxi to paper fight against me ;) dont get hostile ho i'll have to fly to cali and make you look bad ;) What can maxi do after he blocks Yoshi's 6A ?
    By the way I said iMCF and GI'ing :) one I hardly do online do to frame lags for my set ups... the other I dont do online because i'm not used to the GI timing... LoL funny you are looking at the yoshi frame data to come up with all your paper fighter theorys ;)
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