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  • your opponent told me he sent u a message... i guess u werent online but just message him on his page and set up yall match cuz he was online between 3 and 6
    There's no rush to do it, we still have almost 2 weeks until the deadline for round 2. I already added you, so I guess we'll just play whenever we catch each other online.
    Hey man, i added you on PSN but didnt see you last night, no worries add me and PM me when you wanna fight. :) CU Soon!
    Challenge me... ill be on 22:30 UK time tonight
    US time 18:30

    First to 5, no bannage of characters, random stage select.

    Let me know and send me the challenge cuz it wont let me send a challenge to you on my work PC. Hope to see you later. Peace.
    oh yeah, if you don't mind, can you meet me in flashchat so communication is faster
    ft5 sounds good. character lock on win. stage random/select doesn't matter. you up for it right now?
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