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  • It's funny man you get so defensive so quickly i was just fucking with you lol. Chill out alright.
    Lol read your comment on the torunment page. You mad? your a funny scrub xephukai you need to grow up some before trying to take me on. Your a nobody it's just as simple as that get lost you trash.
    Lol last i heard.... Oh wait i ahven't heard anything because i still don't know who you are lol.
    So hey... When you gonna join the tourney so i can boot you out and make you cry foul excuses? You mitsu is so much better man i mean i wiff attacks like all the time..... Im a hardcore lagger....Man your so pro oh wait who are you again? Remeber this Xephukai your not good you never were ill rape you any day you should stop being friends iwith people who are just going to get you embarssed in this game. Lobo spams 1A with cassy but you like a damn fan girl who looks up to him your panties wet.Your byound pathetic you are a joke and should scrubbed away from this site and SC4 community LOL.
    Xeph: You were right in the member information thread. I deleted all 3. Yours only because it wouldn't have made any sense with the other two gone. I had Tag double-check me on the PSN thread.
    Hey im sure u figured it out by now but i was messin around with cervy in training and saw that aK kick i was like ohhhh thats what xeph was talkin about lol....good times
    Good games my friend.
    Sorry about the lag tactics.
    I hope you enjoyed those matches.
    Though you owned my ass.
    But its all good.
    5 times in a row?!
    Boy I'll be mentally tired after the first match lol.
    You and kelz are ruthless with your mains.
    But, I guess I'll try out just to see where I land......
    Lol, yea I figured that much was happening. Also you think you found anyone else to moderate the matches besides you and Bubbles? I don't want to do it but it'd be awesome for others cause I want someone to see this wreck i'm gonna put on this list.
    That ain't me xeph i haven't even touch SC in a few days i'm no living XXLegend it's other players who do WP1B that's doesn't mean it's me i'm not even home so it's no way i played SU.
    Well I'm not gonna trip on it anymore, just don't let it get you to the point of frustration cause then it'd be killing braincells on a pointless dilemma. Lol, it is funny at times though, yet sad at same time.
    Yep lol. All for the self-boasting. It's kinda disturbing as I talk about it but it's real. I'm prolly gonna get reported telling you this cause he's gonna say I'm "Flamming" him. I also believe that's reason why my thread got closed cause he complained on all those accounts to moderators because I posted the FT10 he lost to me. All to make himself look better than what he is lol.
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