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    Buff wishlist

    1) Cancel EXC. It's so much easier to step now, seeing as that's the case cancelling it is fair. 2) AA A+B not being locked behind SC, allow for AB A+B as well ala SCII. 3) PO 2K being her low from SCII. PO 8K can remain her flip kick. 4) AB~PO
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    Taki General Discussion / Bombs Away

    Yeah, I've started to mix in BB4 just for good measure. Feels natural coming from so much SCII.
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    Taki General Discussion / Bombs Away

    Full meter, sure, but 182 damage is 182 damage... :D
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    Taki General Discussion / Bombs Away

    Some may remember I did the same for Natsu (and still have it), but went ahead with a SCVI Taki Stick this time around since the queen is back. ^^
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    Natsu Videos Thread

    I lost this video during SCV's prime and just re-discovered it on one of my old hard drives. Happy to finally be able to upload it though, albeit late in the game. Enjoy. See everyone on SCVI.
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    Soulcalibur VI Art/Wallpapers

    Taki without background, didn't see posted. <3
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    Vote for SCV for XB1 Backwards Compatibility!

    It would seem none made the first wave cut.
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    Concerning HD Online; Controller or stick....

    Stick for me, though I can play SC to some degree on controller if forced. TEXC's and such are much easier for me on stick though.
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    Netcode is pretty terrible on PSN

    Is this a bad dream? No lobbies? No way to continuously play the same person at least? After every match I get thrown back in the menu and have heard the same from everybody else. To top it off I have 50mbps up and it feels pretty poor overall, the best match thus far being average at best. I'd...
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    Weekly Famitsu Reveals Soulcalibur: Lost Swords

    I still have an off screen cap of someone who did that to me. It's funny too because I reset him to high hell and didn't even take free bomb damage, just styled on him. Right before round three ends, D/C and the same guy made a room titled "No Natsu". I spit my drink out, lol.
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    Preparing for SC2 HD online

    Yeah, Kayane's Talim was really fun to watch. It's actually what really made me enjoy watching her as a player. X is, well... X.
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    Soul Calibur II HD Online Wii U Petition

    As much as I'd rather not buy or modify a stick to work with Wii U, I'd consider it just to support SC and allow it to fall into more hands. Plus if by some random chance Link was in it, I'd love to destroy the entire Link army. LOL
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    Soul Calibur 2 HD Wishlist

    My wish was to have the game online, plain and simple thus I'm satisfied. Since we're doing this for fun however, here are a few things I'd welcome/consider: Replay Function Simplified matchmaking, less is more. Though ranked can be fun, most of the decent players hang around player matches...
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    Namco-Bandai Announces Soulcalibur II HD Online!

    Good post. I doubt you're a different type of player, just adapting to the game at hand (which is a good thing). With due time it'll all come back. I too felt the same way going back to it the handful of times we had a session, but it comes back. One element that I loved about SCII was that the...
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    Veteran SC2 player, new to community

    I actually grew quite fond of SCV, it's a great game. Though I too miss the options available in SCII and can't wait to play it again, flaws aside. Nice to have you here.