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  • My friend. How is it going? I hope that everytime your work or other things are going to success.
    Too late news, huh? Sorry. ^-^
    Please say hello to your mother, bros, denver's family, Your friend!!
    Ah, Kura gone to army 4days ago. That's sucks. He said say hello to you. :-) I'll follow(?) him Someday!
    My friend please, I hope you are safe. 心友. Later.
    I guess I won my coinflip vs ivylicious, so I play you 2nd round. When do you have time? Ill be on a little tonight maybe, and tomorrow before the UFC.
    Wow...conflicting schedules FTL. After 9pm CST i'll be at work and won't be home until 3AM PST. So that'll be too late.....I can log on anytime from now until 4 1/2 hours from now.
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